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Праздники, поздравления, тосты, SMS
 SMS favorite

 SMS favorite

Napeshi its second half of a beautiful SMS

The longer I know you - the more I want to know. Do not be angry, kitten. Give me a chance.

       *      *      *
My heart aches when you smile! Do not let it stay the same!

       *      *      *
I love you! And it is ready to tell you all my life!

       *      *      *
I came, I saw, I conquered! Now, miss, dream and worry

       *      *      *
Congratulations! You won the dinner with the star! In the requirements include: evening dress, good humor and sweet smile! Before the meeting, my dear.

       *      *      *
Now spring ... And I'm one ... are you one?
You are a miracle ...

       *      *      *
I have never seen such before ..
Let's take a walk?

I'll give you a rose ...

I'll give a million ...
If only you knew that I was in love with you

       *      *      *
Why is it such a charming girl is not a young man?

       *      *      *
Stranger, stranger ...
Are you in a short skirt ...
I do not care about it ...
Throw a cigarette soon.

       *      *      *
I believe and know that you are a wonderful man, and can not be harmful! Talk to me :)
When you're gone I'll be boring without you, I can not sleep without talking to you. Oh, the beautiful stranger!

       *      *      *
I can not sleep until I find out what's your name ...

       *      *      *
Without cheating,
without lies,
you live, live, live!

       *      *      *
Chocolate, Cognac, flowers ... Just you and me forever - that's my dream!
make a wish ... any .. I will fulfill it! sure!

kiss, love, hug, hug thee to my heart ...

       *      *      *
Imagine all this and smile ... your smile gives me life! ..

       *      *      *
I will do everything to make you happy. I promise!

       *      *      *
You are my destiny. I suggested the sky!
And my soul I whispered softly, "She ... she ..."

       *      *      *
Better than you in this world there was not and never will. You're the best for me.
Do you have wings,
I do not.
Take with thee -
Show me the dawn.

       *      *      *
Your caring helps me in difficult moments ... You are my mistress!
You're my best! I really cherish thee! Mine and only mine!

       *      *      *
On the planet Earth live a very beautiful girl. I wonder if she will go with me today on a date? )

       *      *      *
Pogodka cool on the street ... Though cold, but you can find by accident somewhere ...

       *      *      *
I am forever here it lyapnu, horrible, and then to the elbow is not got it, damn it, bite!

Четверг, 03.11.2016, 14:53
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